Where to Skate?

Where to SkateNow that you have bought your first inline skates, or you have been inline skating for a long time, you might be thinking, ’What is a good location for skating?’What locations would make for great skating experiences?h The way skates are designed, you can pretty much skate anywhere where there is a flat surface or where there is a nice incline. If you are looking for speed, find places with a nice so with a little gravity, you can achieve a decent rate of speed where you can experience the cool wind breezing through your hair and experience the tremendous sense of freedom. This is especially wonderful when it is nice, warm and sunny outside.

However, that is not always possible if you are located far away from such a place but the bottom line really boils down to your preferences. What exactly are you looking for and also the local infrastructure? Generally speaking, the great places to skate involve skate parks, rolling rinks, streets, sidewalks and parks. I am going to analyze them one by one below.

Skate Parks

Skate parks are specially designated for skaters. The terrain, the layout, as well as the absence of any kind of obstacles are designed for the maximum safety and enjoyment of skaters. This is really important to keep in mind. If you live in an area that has skate parks, this should be at the top of your list. Unfortunately, not all jurisdictions have skate parks.

Hence, consider yourself really lucky if you live in a place that has a designated skate park. The surface of the skate parks are especially maintained to prevent many of the surface problems that skaters normally face like cracks on the road, debris, rubble, so on and so forth. While inline skates take quite a bit of a punishment, roller skates do not do as well when there is debris and other elements on the road.

Roller Rinks

Roller rinks are indoor skating areas for people on rollerblades and roller skates. These are a lot of fun if you can find them. While there are some public roller rinks, a lot of these premises are private. They are worth the price of admission.

It is a good idea to check the surface before you skate. Usually, these establishments do a fine job of ensuring a clean, even and safe surface, but you really cannot be very sure. You cannot assume too much. Make sure you check it out. Pay attention to how other people are navigating the rink, and if things look great, pay the fee and enjoy yourself.


Skating on the streets normally is safe, but you really need to pay attention to the condition of the street. Additionally, pay attention to topography. You do not want to skate on a street that is very steep. Furthermore, you do not want to skate on streets that are badly maintained.

As mentioned above, if you are using inline skates, you can probably handle all sorts of road imperfections, flaws and cracks on the road. You might even be able to handle small debris and other junk that you see on the road. However, if you are using roller skates instead of rollerblades, you can get thrown off. Keep in mind that the rollerblade wheels are higher and your center of gravity is more delicate, and it is much easier to get thrown off by obstacles on roller skates.

Streets are kind of a dice roll because while certain parts of streets are clean and (UNCLEAR AUDIO), you really cannot be sure about the rest of the street. Different jurisdictions have varied levels of street maintenance. You are lucky if you live in an urban area where the streets are very well maintained, and cars are not a problem.

You also have to pay attention to the volume of car traffic. If there is a lot of vehicular traffic on the streets, it is probably not a safe idea to skate right off the street. You might want to consider sidewalks, but you also need to pay attention to certain factors there. Additionally, when skating on streets, always be aware of local regulations. There might be local laws that can restrict what you can and cannot do as far as skating goes on the streets.


The first thing that you need to pay attention to when skating on sidewalks is local regulations. Different cities have diverse ordinances. Pay attention to those ordinances. You might not be able to use certain skates. You might not be able to use certain districts so make sure you are aware of the law because ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

When you are using sidewalks, pay careful attention to the state of repair of the sidewalks. Do not skate on sidewalks that are cracked or that has a lot of junk or debris on the surface, especially if you are roller skates. The big danger and hazard with sidewalks, of course, is people walking on the sidewalks as well as vehicles using driveways that pass through sidewalks. So, be very careful of these hazards. Make sure that you look around corners so that your view is not obstructed. You do not want to hit a nasty surprise because you did not look around the corner, or you did not slow down enough to handle whatever is coming around the corner.


Parks are really a mixed bag. While generally speaking, skating is allowed at parks, some parks do not actually have many paved surfaces. You truly cannot do enough skating when there is no paved surface, and a park is pretty much an all grassy area. Make sure that there are enough roadways in the park, and it is not too crowded.

Additionally, pay attention to the quality of the roadways in the park and it is not very crowded. Furthermore, pay attention to the quality of the roadways. If it is pockmarked or cracked or there are all sorts of debris, then you might be taking on a lot of hazards. It can be quite dangerous, especially if the park has some steep areas.

Do proper research and enjoy yourself. Make sure you study the place that you are going be skating ahead of time so you do not meet up with any nasty surprises.