Storing to Store Inline Gear Properly

Storing RollerbladesWhen people think of inline skate gear, they usually think about buying the right model. They think about skating the right way, they think about skating at the right places. These are the most common things people think about when it comes to rollerblading or inline skating.

It should be fairly obvious why this is the case because their focus is primarily on usage. Their focus is primarily on the context of that usage as well as location. Pretty straightforward, very simple. But if you really want to maximize the experience that you have rollerblading, you shouldn’t just focus on the experience before or during rollerblading.

You should also look at the complete and total experience. I mean, of course, paying attention to what happens before, during and after. What happens after actually has a big role to play on how long you’re going to continue skating.

Make no mistake about it, if you are very careless regarding how you store or maintain your inline skating gear, they might not withstand the test of time. They might not be all that durable regardless of how awesome their brand is.

I know this sounds crazy because a lot of people buy products primarily based on brand. They think that if a brand has an amazing reputation, then they basically insure against all sorts of damage over a long time. For the most part, this is warranted, but it can only take you so far.

Brand value and brand equity, as powerful as they are, can only protect you so much. You also have to be responsible. You also have to store and handle the equipment in such a way that it would preserve its functional life.

You’re not out of the loop. You’re not absolved of your responsibilities as an owner of any kind of equipment just because you chose to spend a few extra dollars on the right brand. You have to pull your end of the bargain. This is where responsibility comes in.

A lot of people have an uncomfortable time with responsibility. They think that as long as they buy the right product at the right time in the right context and use it the right way, they’re good to go. What they’re completely blind to is the fact that proper usage also involves proper storage. These go hand in hand. In fact, I would argue that they’re joined at the hip.

Again, pay attention to what goes on before, during and after you use your inline skates so you can rest assured that your online skates will continue to deliver value for a long period to come.

Understanding Consumer Value

A lot of American consumers are kind of clueless regarding product value. They think that as long as they invest in the right brand for the right reasons, then they are ensured to get maximum value for their purchase.

This doesn’t happen automatically. This is isn’t a foregone conclusion. You also have to be responsible. In fact, you have to be so responsible so as to have a realistic idea of how product value works. Put simply, the longer the life of a product, the more value you get out of it.

Consider buying two smart phones. Same brand, same model. Both costs $500. One phone lasts one year, another phone lasts 5 years. Which produce more value? The answer should be quite obvious to you. Obviously, it’s the product that lasts the longer time.

The takeaway lesson here should also be equally obvious, which is the more you use an item, the more value it produces. In other words, it’s per use cost is much cheaper and that’s how you determine value. Now, on the other hand, when you only have a year to use a smart phone, you paid $500 for a year’s worth of use. In the other example, you paid $500 for 5 years of uses. You got a lot more value because you got 5 years worth of views. Do you see how that works?

That should be your thinking when it comes to everything that you purchase. You worked hard for your dollars. You worked hard for your money. You’ve sacrificed your time, you traded in your time for that money and it’s really important that you be a responsible consumer to maximize the amount of value you get for every hard earned dollar you invest. This is crucial. And this is where storage comes in.

You have to use appropriate storage practices for you to maximize the life of whatever consumer goods you buy. Otherwise, you’re just not being responsible with your properties. In other words, you’re simply going to be spending too much money and not getting enough value.

Unless you are made out of money and you don’t have to worry about an income, this is a big deal. For most consumers, they have to maximize the value of their hard earned dollars regardless of what they purchase.

Storing Inline Skate Gear the Right Way

Just like with anything else that you do, there are always two ways to do things. This should be quite plain: you can choose to do things the right way or you can choose to do things the wrong way. Again, it all boils down to you. It’s all your choice. It’s all your decision.

Storing inline skate gear can be a simple matter of just putting them in a box and just leaving them somewhere in your house. It can also involve just keeping them out in the open, buried under lots of clothes, books, and other stuff that you accumulated in your dwelling. It really is your choice.

If you’re the typical busy college student, it’s very easy to accumulate all sorts of junk in your room and have to desperately scramble or fish for your inline skates when the time comes for you to go skating out at a park with your buddies. Again, it all is your choice. But if you want to truly extend the life of your property, you have to choose the right way.

Make no mistake about it, while it does take quite a bit of effort and some time to take your skates and put it in a proper box and store that box in a cool, dry place, this time is an investment in the life of your property. You should make this a habit.

Just like the typical American, you probably have better uses of your time. You might be thinking that your time is at a premium and you’d rather be doing something else, or be somewhere else. I understand that. But a little bit of time, and we’re talking about something as little as one minute, invested in properly packing away inline skate gear can go a long way in maximizing the life of that product.

If you value the dollars that you spent to buy that product in the first place, then you should be able to find that one or two minutes. It doesn’t really matter. Think of it as an investment that pays off in extended product life.

If you think this way, it becomes so much easier for you to turn this into a habit. In fact, it can be such a habit that the next time you use your inline skates, you automatically start putting them away after you stop using them.