What Is Skate Cross?

Skate CrossSkate cross racing is a great rollerblade racing game that is open to spectators. It’s a rollerblade adaptation of skate racing. On ice, skaters would race down an inclined or on a flat surface across different sections of a race track until they get to the end. It’s a pretty standard foot race adapted for ice skates.

Skate cross, on the other hand, is ice skating racing using a wide range of terrain but adapted to rollerblades. The great thing about rollerblades is that the way they are designed enables skaters to achieve a higher degree of speed. You are able to reach higher levels of speed in a shorter period of time than traditional roller skates.

Roller skates or quad skates use bigger wheels and they use four wheels that are aligned in two columns and two rows. While these types of skates have a higher center of gravity and are more stable than rollerblades, it takes a longer amount of time to increase speed with roller skates. And given the momentum that you have, you’re not going to go as fast as roller skates.

Roller skates, on the other hand, enable you to reach high levels of speed in a relatively short period of time. You just have to pump the right way and move your hips the right way to reach a high velocity. On top of that, you are able to achieve a lot of intricate turns. You are able to turn sharp corners, you’re given a lot more maneuverability. This is due to the inline skate design of rollerblades.

Also, when it comes to surface quality, rollerblades are superior. There is really no other way to say it. Because of the high center of gravity of the thick wheels of a typical quad roller skate or a traditional roller skate, any kind of flaw in the skating surface can be amplified.

In other words, even a small crack can be magnified as far as impact is concerned. You’re definitely going to feel it and if you’re not a very experienced skater, it’s too easy to throw you off balance. When you’re thrown off balance and you’re already going at a high rate of speed, it’s easy to see how injuries can occur.

Given this background, skate cross is all about high speed racing using rollerblades. It involves all the thrills, chills, and spills of ice skating but on rollerblades.

Contact Sport?

Depending on the how the track is set up and how narrow it is, you can’t help but get into contact with other skaters when you are engaged in a skate cross. This is part of its appeal. When you are going downhill for example, you have less control and when your competitors are clumped up or grouped together in one side of a track, it’s too easy to bump into that track and everybody starts bumping into each other and elbowing each other.

For this reason, skate cross makes for a great spectator sport. There is a lot of drama. There is a lot of high level competition and intensity. It’s not like a typical skating sport where everybody seems to have their own lane, everybody’s focused on the lane in front of them, and pretty much a competitive individual sport. Skate cross is very different from that.

You can see how in certain sections of the track, skaters can’t help but bang into each other and this creates a lot of tension, drama, and of course strategy. You have to skate in such a way that you let these confrontations and elbowing work for you instead of against you. This, of course, requires a little bit of planning. It also requires little bit of luck.

If you’re a successful skate cross racer, you should have spent a few times around a track to know how the dynamics play out. If you know how the process plays out in a typical race, then you would know how to anticipate certain high tension turns or highly competitive spots in the track so you can either speed up or you can slow down and let other competitors knock out their differences so you can glide past them.

A Race to the Finish

The bottom-line with skate cross is that it’s just a typical race. That’s all it is. The equipment is different. The dynamics can be different at certain parts of the track but all in all, it’s just a race. Just like a foot race is a race to get as quickly as possible from point A to point B, skate cross involves starting at the starting line and skating as fast as you can to get to the end.

Now, what makes skate cross races more exciting than the others is the design of the track. This is another point of attraction for skate cross. There’s a reason why a lot of people like to watch skate cross races because each track is different. It’s kind of like watching golf. If you’re big into golf, you know that a lot of the excitement revolves around not just in the skill and experience of the golfers themselves, but also in the golf course.

Some golf courses are notoriously nasty. Some golf courses are designed to basically be impossible. This is why it’s really a source of excitement for a lot of golf fans from all over the world when Tiger Woods for example is able to get across a notoriously hard golf course in as little strokes as possible. That highlights not just the tremendous skill of the golfer involved, but also plays up the world famous difficulty of the course.

The same applies with skate cross. Just by looking at the layout, looking at the hazards, and also looking at the potential for conflict, you can’t help but respect successful racers. To be successful, they not only have to have the skills to navigate all the right turns and break at the right places. They also have to master the strategy of overcoming the high level of competition and physical elbowing and pushing that takes place in certain parts of the track. This requires strategy. This requires some advance thinking.

You can’t help but respect skaters who are able to navigate particularly difficult skate cross tracks time and time again. They know what they’re doing they know how to play the game and they have a certain natural instinct on when to slow down and when to speed up.

Put this all together and it is no surprise that skate cross racing is continuing to grow in popularity in the United States and other parts of the world. Considering the huge attention played by consumers to inline skating, the popularity of skate cross as a spectator sport is sure to only grow over time.