Rollerblading with the Baby Stroller

If you are thinking of rollerblading in the great outdoors with your kid in a stroller, you might want to do a bit of advanced planning. It is not just a simple matter of only taking whatever stroller you are using for your child and strapping on your rollerblading boots and going at it. I wish it was that easy. Unfortunately, if you were just to do that, this can lead to injury to both you and your child.

You have to understand that when you are going to rollerblade with a stroller, you have to use the right stroller. No, the average stroller would not do. There are lots of stroller models out there; there are lots that have wheel designs, also have different bases and handles. Unfortunately, using the conventional stroller is not a good move. It might not be up to the job. If you are going to go rollerblading with your kid in a stroller, make sure you invest in the right stroller.

The best stroller for this is the jogging stroller. These strollers are equipped with big wheels. They usually have three wheels. These bigger wheels ensure a smooth and easy ride for your kid. In addition, the front wheel of that three-wheel formation is fixed. This is very important because if you are going to go at a high rate of speed, this fixed wheel can handle the speed. You do not want a front wheel that moves because that can produce a safety hazard. The center of gravity of your stroller might get thrown off. Moreover, the direction of the stroller might become uncontrollable.

You need to invest in a jogging stroller that is equipped with a hand-braking system. These take many different forms, but this is required. Whatever form it takes, make sure that it exists for the jogging stroller because you need to be able to make quick stops. You do not know what will happen, you do not know what will appear in front of you, and you may need to apply the brakes as soon as possible. This is why a handbrake can go a long way; this is non-negotiable. Finally, have your kid wear safety wrist straps that are fixed inside the stroller. You do not want your kid being expelled or thrown off the stroller.

How Old is Old Enough?

While you probably are thinking that as long as you have the right equipment, your kid regardless of age can handle being in a stroller while being pushed by you on rollerblades. This is not the case. Age does matter. It is always a good idea to keep in mind that the cutoff point as far as age is concerned is 9 months. Your kid has to be past the age of 9 months if you want to push his or her stroller while rollerblading. In fact, the older your kid, the better. The reason for this is pretty straight forward. Your kid must be able to sit up, and he or she must be capable to do this without any assistance. This usually only occurs once your kid has reached between 6 and 9 months, but 9 months is a good starting point. Other than that, it is going to be quite unsafe for your child.

Your Kid must be Fastened at all Times

It is really important that you strap your kid inside the stroller always. You do not want your kid to spill out. You do not want your kid to get shaken up. This is why it is really important to have a strap system inside the stroller.

Safe Practices

You need to carry out the following practices to maximize the security and safety of your child while you are pushing his or her stroller on skates.

Skate at a Low Rate of Speed

I know it is very easy to get all carried away by the awesome sunshine, the amazing breeze, the great outdoors. However, you need to make sure that you skate very slowly. The slower, the better. You cannot get carried away by your outdoor surroundings up to the point that you pick up speed, and you forget that you are pushing a stroller which has your child in it. It is a good idea to skate at a low rate of speed. The whole point here is not just to exercise by pushing a stroller but also to let your kid have an opportunity to look at the scene playing out in front of him or her, and just to enjoy being outdoors with you. This is why slow skating makes a lot of sense for both you and your child.

Moreover, when you are skating slowly, you put a different emphasis on various parts of your body. When you are skating at a high rate of speed, your hips get a big workout and certain parts of your legs. When you are skating slowly, you are still putting a lot of pressure on your body but on different parts. Your butt, for example, is getting quite a bit of a workout.

Make sure you use the right padding. It is always a good idea to put a pillow or some sort of padding around your child’s head. You do not want your child to get whiplash when you have to make an emergency stop. All sorts of things can pop out at you. You probably do not need me to remind you of that. There are all sorts of emergencies that can take place where in you need to make an immediate stop. This can be murder on your kid’s neck. You do not want your kid to develop whiplash. Accordingly, a little padding goes a long way as far as your kid’s head and neck areas go.

Know what to Avoid

When you are rollerblading with a stroller in front of you, it is a good idea to skip the following. You need to avoid them to ensure that you do not get into all sorts of trouble.

Crowded Places

When there are a lot of people around you, it may seem like a lot of fun. There is definitely a lot of community vibes but this can get in the way of safety. It is too easy to get distracted and end up slamming into someone or something. It is a good idea just to skate in specifically designated skating areas. You would see a lot of people there with strollers, and it would be a safer space for you.

Spaces that have Dogs

Do not go to a dog park and skate there. Skate in areas where there are a few dogs or any animals. Animals can throw you off. Animals can chase the stroller. All sorts of things can go wrong, and this can lead to all sorts of distractions. By the same token, it is also a good idea to avoid places that have a lot of children or small kids running around. If you push your stroller in an area where there are a lot of unattended kids, this can lead to all sorts of distractions and potential hazards.

Do Not Do this when there are Cars Around

Ideally, you should push a stroller in an area that is far away from cars, maybe in a park pathway that is designed specifically for skating. Avoid cars. You can get distracted, and this could lead to all sorts of hazards.