Is Rollerblading a Good Cardio Exercise Option?

Rollerblading CardioIf you are looking at a great way to lose weight, or you are simply looking for an excellent cardiovascular exercise option, do not overlook rollerblading. I know that when it comes to cardio, a lot of people prefer an activity that involves a lot of intensity. There is a lot of wisdom in this line of thinking because when you are engaged in intensive exercise, your blood is pumping, and you are taking a lot of breaths. This increases your overall metabolic rate. The “metabolic rate” is a fancy term for the rate at which your body burns calories.

Make no mistake about it, simply breathing actually requires energy. In fact, everything that you do requires energy. Your body has to supply the energy for kind of activity. Yes, that even includes reading this article. You may be sitting on a comfortable chair, looking at a nice screen while reading this article; but guess what? You are still burning calories.

Anything you do, this includes breathing, blinking your eyes, digesting food, drinking, whatever the case may be, you are burning calories. Your body needs energy to do anything. Even if you are just sitting on a chair doing nothing, you still need to breathe. You still need to pump blood. You still need to digest. All those activities require energy.

Your metabolic rate is simply the rate your body burns calories for energy. Your cells need energy to remain alive. You definitely need energy to keep functioning.

With this background in mind, you may be thinking that running is a better cardiovascular exercise option. After all, when you are running, you are breathing a lot. This burns a lot of calories. Now, you are also generating a lot of internal body heat. When this happens, your body burns calories at a much higher rate. On top of all of that, you are pumping blood like crazy. Put all these factors together and it is easier to conclude that only such exercises deliver great cardiovascular benefits.

This may be true for younger people, but you have to understand that when you run, you are actually putting a lot of damage on your joints. You are basically putting your body weight on sensitive pieces of bone and tissue all over your body, particularly your legs. This usually is not a problem when you are younger. By “younger,” I of course mean somebody who is below the age of 30.

However, once you reach an age north of 30, you better be careful because it may seem like you are not doing much of anything while you are just jogging or running around, but you are actually grinding down your joints at some level or other. As you get older, you become more conscious of this process. Once you get past the threshold of 45 years of age, you become painfully aware.

This is why the whole search for a good cardiovascular exercise program is not as easy as you may think. It is not a simple matter of just automatically assuming that running or any other type of high-intensity and high-impact exercise is your best choice. Again, those may be your optimal choices when you were younger, but they are, by no means, great choices all around.

Rollerblading, a Great All-Around Cardiovascular Choice

If you are looking for an awesome physical activity that is not going to be murder on your joints and can be enjoyed regardless of what age you are, you cannot go wrong with rollerblading. Next to swimming, rollerblading gives you a wonderful cardiovascular workout, and if you skate intensively, you actually enjoy passive metabolic benefits as well.

The best choice for cardiovascular, of course, is swimming. You do not put pressure on your joints. It is a low-impact exercise, and you get a nice workout within the soothing and comforting space of water. What is not to love? Well, the problem is, not everybody could afford a backyard swimming pool. If you are lucky enough to live in a city that has a public pool, you still have to hassle with the state of repairs in the pool.

Let us face it, thanks to budget cuts and budget pressures, not all community pools are worth swimming in. In fact, a lot of them are actually quite scary. It would seem lie they have not been cleaned in a long time. Given the many different issues involving swimming pools, your best bet is rollerblading.

Why Rollerblading?

As a cardio exercise option, rollerblading has you covered. Seriously. You can pretty much skate on any flat surface as long as it is a surface that does not have too many flaws or has manageable or shallow flaws, you are good to go. Moreover, rollerblading can be done almost anywhere.

With swimming, you have to have access to a swimming pool. Again, count yourself fortunate if you live in a city that has a nice network of public pools. Unfortunately, not all towns, cities and county centers in the United States are this lucky.

However, almost all places in the United States have lots of flat surfaces. I am of course talking about roads and pathways. This is why rollerblading as a low-impact alternative cardiovascular option beats swimming pools every single time. When it comes to practicality, accessibility and just overall supply, you cannot beat rollerblading.

Other Benefits

While rollerblading can help you get a good cardiovascular exercise because you get to work out your lower section, and I am talking about your butt, hips and legs; you also get other benefits. In fact, you can actually burn a lot more calories rollerblading as a cardiovascular exercise option because it does not feel like you are exercising. You can just be enjoying the immense outdoors with the sun beating down on your face, meeting other people who are enjoying skating as you and having a great, old time. You can even socialize while you are getting a nice cardiovascular workout.

The secret, of course, is to continue moving. You cannot stop. You cannot simply roll around in circles lazily. You just keep pushing forward with people around you, and it is a lot of fun. It is a great way to watch people while you are on roller skates.

You cover a lot of distances in a short period of time. If you are in a very scenic area or there are lots of historical buildings or great local views, you cannot go wrong. There are lots of ancient buildings or great local views; you cannot go awry with rollerblading. You cover a lot of areas very quickly, and you can really tell that you have actually experienced a particular location. You cannot do this when you are just walking. Chances are you would only cover a tiny fraction of a particular city attraction or local sight if you were to do it on foot.