How to Buy Rollerblades and Ensure the Right Size

Right Size RollerbladesMake no mistake about it, it seems like buying rollerblades at the right size would appear like a slam dunk. I mean, after all, you bought shoes throughout your life, and you pretty much know the routine. Well, I have some bad news for you. Finding the right size for rollerblades is very different from the correct size for shoes.

A lot of this is because manufacturer sizing tends to be random. It depends on the brand of the rollerblade boot that you buy. Some brands are over an inch longer than regular footwear sizing. As you can well imagine, this creates a lot of confusion. It would be nice if there were some sort of across-the-board rule of thumb we can apply as far as adjusting regular footwear sizes to rollerblade boots. Unfortunately, we do not have this luxury. No such luck. Instead, we almost have to go on a case-by-case basis.

The good news to all of this is that you just need to go to the actual sport wear store and try on the rollerblade boots yourself. I know that you are busy. I know you probably would rather be doing something else than going to the mall. It would be nice if we just made all rollerblade decisions at home and order through the Internet.

However, if you want to spare yourself from the unnecessary headaches and drama of ordering boots online, getting the rollerblades, being disappointed by the sizing and then hassling with the company to ship it back and after that getting the right-sized boots eventually, pay attention to the following tips. You actually have to go to the brick and mortar store to try out the boots.

Now, I do not suggest what some people do. Some people would go to a brick and mortar store, try out the merchandise, find the right size, find the appropriate brand and model and then turn around and order it online. This is messed up. Seriously. You just wasted the time of the salesperson helping you.

Furthermore, it is unfair because you get the benefit of the merchandise being made available to you by the brick and mortar business, and then you deny them of your business because you found it cheaper elsewhere. Karma is real; so, I definitely do not suggest going that route. However, just to give you full knowledge, I only wanted to mention that is how some people do it. Again, that is not the recommended way to do it because the world is round. What goes around, comes around. So, do yourself a big favor and buy from a brick and mortar business that you tried shoes at.

Be Aware of Different Size Differentials

Be conscious that various athletic sizes have different footwear sizes. This varies on a brand-to-brand basis. For example, Remz are usually less than 2 inches from regular footwear sizes. For instance, if your regular shoe size is around 11.2 inches, the Remz sizing for your foot is 9. Similarly, if your foot is around 10.9 inches or almost 11 inches, your Bauer size comes out to 9. Likewise, if your regular foot size is 10.94 inches in length, the American Athletic brand size has you at 9. I hope you can see what is so confusing about this.

Technically speaking, these brands all have you at size 9 but the actual difference in foot sizes is, in fact, big. You are going from 10.9 all the way to 11.2. Beware of how brand sizing actually matches up to real foot sizing. Otherwise, you are going to regret your purchase. You spend your hard-earned dollars on that footwear; you come home, and then it turns out that it is an ill fit. You probably do not need me to remind you of the hazards that can be caused by bad rollerblade footwear sizing.

If you are going to be doing some heavy skating, I guarantee you will feel the impact of those missing inches or those extra inches. They can definitely get in the way of an enjoyable experience. While some people have a high tolerance for discomfort and eventually get used to the discomfort or even pain created the size differential, other people have a very low threshold for pain. So, do yourself a big favor and make sure that you get the correct size.

Do Not Forget to Wear Socks

One of the most common mistakes I have seen rollerbladers make is when they try on rollerblades with no socks. I understand you are in a hurry. I understand that you want to check out as many different models as possible, but you need to wear socks because in real life, you are usually wearing socks.

Moreover, make sure that you wear athletic socks. These are usually thicker than silk socks that you use for work or other activities. Make sure that when you are trying out roller skates, put on socks that match the socks you will be wearing when using those rollerblades.

Make sure your foot is positioned properly. Do not just stick your foot into the boot. Try to push the back of your heel all the way to the back of the skate. You would feel a clicking motion or a clicking sensation. That is when you know that your heel is properly positioned in the skate. It is very important that you do this because your foot needs to be “in the pocket” correctly; otherwise, you are not wearing the skate the way you would when it comes time to skate around actually.

Tighten the Buckles

Tighten the buckles of your skate along with whatever laces are involved in the model. Lower your center of gravity by bending your knees. This enables your feet to sink into the boots. Try to move your toes around and see if you get a nice snug fit.

The key here is to get a snug fit. Your toes must not be crunched. Your toes must not be folded. It must not feel like your feet are being squeezed. There must be no discomfort; at the same time, there must be no wiggle room. It must not feel like there is a lot of loose space. You might want to stand up and down and crouch a few times to ensure the right size.