Cleaning and Maintenance of Your Inline Skates

Rollerblades CleaningDoes it make sense to do inline skate cleaning and maintenance before the season? Does pre-season inline skate cleaning and maintenance make sense in your situation? Well, it really all depends on how busy you are. That’s the bottom line.

A lot of people can get away with very little pre-season cleaning because they really don’t use their skates all that much. Their skates probably did not build up too much debris and they can get away with letting a few more months pass between the times that they actively use their equipment and the times they are cleaning their equipment.

Well, while this might be true in your case, you should not bank too much on it. You should not gain too much of a sense of confidence from it because it might be false confidence. Really. You might be just setting yourself up with false security and, at the end of the day, your inline skates start falling apart. Why is this bad news?

Total Product Value

I need to introduce to you a very important concept. If you are a typical consumer buying all sorts of stuff in the marketplace, pay attention. There is such a thing as total product value.

When you buy any kind of product, you have spent your hard earned money on that product. Again, this seems pretty straightforward. In fact, this seems so simple that it should not be stated, but you’d be surprised how uncommon common sense is.

You spent your hard earned dollars for something. You traded your time for that thing. It would be a tragedy if you were to be completely irresponsible and just settle for a short product life because the longer a product’s life is, the more value you get out of that product.

It’s as if you took the same hundred dollars and you split it up into a much longer period of time and a larger number of uses for that particular product. This produces much more value than the opposing example where you spent a hundred dollars on something that just lasted maybe a year or even less than a year. Which would you rather have? Something that had lasted 5 years and gave you 5 years of value and enjoyment or something that just lasted one short year? The answer should be quite obvious.

This is total consumer product value. This should be your focus. This should be your guiding star when it comes to how you deal with your possessions. Again, it all boils down to how much money you spent and how much time you trade in to get that money to buy those products. Ultimately, you’re spending your time.

That’s why the old saying of time being money is absolutely true because whether you work for somebody or you work for yourself, it doesn’t matter. You’re trading time for money. Isn’t it time that you valued your time appropriately? You would be doing this to make sure that you extend the life of whatever it is you bought as long as possible. This is why pre-season inline skating cleaning and maintenance is important.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Now, let’s just get one thing out of the way. You probably have a lot more important things to do than pre-season inline skate cleaning and maintenance. I get that. I understand that completely because I am in the same position. I have all sorts of duties and responsibilities, both to myself, my family and groups I’m a member of. Still, I value total product value and by extension, I value the time that I put in to build up the possessions that I have.

Whether it’s my house, my car or the stuff that I own, the stuff that I wear, the stuff that I use, I always focus on total product value. This is just part of being a responsible adult consumer. Accordingly, I realized that for every minute that I spend on maintaining products that I buy, I get a much longer product life. By extension, I get far more value for the hard earned dollars and, ultimately, the time that I traded in for those dollars than otherwise.

Do you see how this works? So you need to start thinking along these lines so you can maximize the amount of value you get from your investment of your time. Otherwise, you’re just basically rolling the dice. You’re basically just taking a chance that things will take care of themselves and since the brand of the items you bought are so solid, the brand value will take care of it.

While this can be true to a certain degree, you can’t really bank on it. You also have to take up your end of the bargain. You have to understand that when it comes to products that you buy, there’s actually a bargain being put into effect.

One part of the bargain is the manufacturer would give you what you are looking for. In this case, you’re looking for inline skates. You go to a store, whether online or offline and you buy inline skates. You get what you came for. The product works as advertised. This is how you know you got full value for your money.

Now, the other side of the equation is that you also have a responsibility. You’re supposed to maintain, clean and take care of that item so you extend its life. You can’t just rest on the brand value. The inherent quality of the product can only take you so far. You also have to do your end. Do you see how this works?

Do Everything Before the Season

Here’s a very important piece of advice. When you wait until the last minute before you do skate cleaning and maintenance, this is too late for your inline skates. It really is. You’re going to come in a day late a buck short.

You’re going to do this all the time. You’re going to do this every single time because when it’s skating season, it’s too tempting to just go out there and enjoy the great outdoors with your girlfriend or boyfriend and everybody else.

This is especially true if you have a pulling harness and your dog is just going crazy about you and him skating around in the park. It’s too tempting to just give in to the urge and forget about cleaning, proper skate maintenance, and so on and so forth. It only takes a bad road surface to bring out the very worst of the faulty maintenance of your equipment.

It may be a bump in the road, it may be a crack in the road, it might even be some debris like stones, pebbles. It can take many different shapes, forms and sizes, but what’s important to note is that the end result is the same. The practical life of your inline skates starts to drop like a rock. Ultimately, you end up buying new skates way ahead of time.

Don’t let this happen to yourself. Just basically invest a few minutes popping out the bearings, taking off the wheels, cleaning everything, and making sure that everything is properly replaced so you can maximize the productive years of your equipment. Nobody can do this for you.

You’re not made out of money, so it’s not like you have some servant that would do scheduled maintenance on your consumer goods for you. You have to do this yourself. You have to set aside the time.

But the good news is, for every second you invest in proper equipment cleaning and maintenance, you are rewarded by many days or even months of great fun out there in the sunshine with your loved ones. How awesome is that?