Replacing Rollerblade Wheels

Rollerblade Wheels changeIf your rollerblade wheels have a little bit too much wear and you can see that they are all nicked or worn unevenly, it’s tempting to just forget about your old sports footwear and get a new set. There are a lot of people who deal with worn or damaged rollerblades this way. They just take the whole assembly and get new rollerblades.

However, if you are a starving college student or your budget is tight or you just want to maximize the value of the hard earned dollars that you spent on your rollerblades, you might want to consider simply replacing the wheels.

Now the good news is that this is not rocket science nor is it brain surgery. That’s the good news. You just need to have the right tools and the proper time and space and you would be able to replace your rollerblade wheels. Whether you’re replacing one or all of them, it doesn’t really matter. This procedure that I’m going to teach you will give you everything you need to know to ensure that you can extend the life of your complete rubber blade boot for a long time to come.

It’s a good idea to use the replacement route rather than buying a whole new unit. The reason, of course, is because the more you use an item, the more value you get for the money you’ve paid for that item. For example, if you have two sets of rollerblade boots. For both sets, you paid a hundred dollars. For the first set, you used it for only one year.

So in that scenario, the value that you got was a hundred dollars for one year of use. In the other scenario, you used the rollerblade boots for 5 years. In that case, you got more value because you had 5 times more use value in the second scenario. This is very important to keep in mind because it’s easy to think that replacing rollerblade wheels is a hassle. Believe me, I can see where you’re coming from.

You’re probably thinking that there are better uses of your time, there are probably places you’d rather be, and things you’d rather do, but simply investing a few minutes in rollerblade replacement as well shopping for replacement parts, getting all the materials together can go a long way in you maximizing the value that you get from the hard earned dollars that you spent on the rollerblade boots that you have.

Now, keep in mind that this advice applies to all types of damage, but it can only go so far. For example, if the boot itself is damaged and the casing is destroyed, it makes no sense to replace the wheels. The wheels are the least of your concerns. Seriously. You better take the bullet and just buy a complete new unit because the overall use value that you would get from a completely damaged boot is very minimal

In fact, you’re just throwing good money after bad by replacing many different parts, least of all the wheels. In that particular scenario, it doesn’t make sense to replace the wheels. However, if you just noticed that the wheels are unevenly worn or one is just cracked or there is a specific wheel damage, then it makes sense to replace the wheels. I need to make this distinction early on because you might be under a wrong assumption that just because there’s damage, you need to replace it.

Well, replacement and repair can only go so far. In certain cases, you do definitely have to take the punch and just go with a total replacement. You need to look at the extent of the damage. You also need to look at the nature of the damage.

If the damage is generally restricted to the wheels, then wheel replacement makes a lot of sense. What follows is a step by step guide to replacing rollerblade wheels. If you’ve been figuring out how to replace rollerblade wheels, you’ve come to the right place.

Step #1: Make Sure You Have Everything

Make sure you have the right tools and the right materials before you begin. For materials, you would need the wheels that you’re going to use to replace, a spacer part, and bearings. For tools, you would need either a pencil or some small cylindrical tool, it can also be a pen. You also need Allen wrenches. Preferably you should get a full set of them to ensure that you have the right size.

Now, keep in mind that the Allen wrench is actually dependent on the type of screws your rollerblades use. Take a look at the head. If it has 6 sides or has a hex orientation, then you can use an Allen wrench. If not, and it uses a regular x screw type, then you need to use that type of wrench. Make sure the wrench that you use if of the right size.

Step #2: Take Off the Screws

Take off the pins and screws from the wheel base. Look at the screws that you’re working with and find the right wrench or Allen wrench that would fit the head of the screw. Usually, there are 8 screws that attach your rollerblades’ wheels to the boot’s base of the wheel. Take out all of these 8 screws.

Using your pen, dislodge or push out all of the pins. It’s a good idea to use a small plastic bag to put all the pins and screws together. Ideally, if pins and screws are separated from each other, install the screw into the pin. Join them together so it’s harder lose track of them. Normally when I do this, I put them all in a plastic bag so I don’t misplace them or lose them.

Step #3: Take Out the Bearings From the Roller Blade Wheels

There are bearings in the wheel, make sure that you use the pen or cylindrical tool tip and while the wheel is up in the air, push it down and press against the pen. Do this until the bearing comes out. You can’t really use a soft touch when doing this. You have to apply the necessary force. With that said, make sure that you don’t put too much force that you end up damaging the bearing. Repeat this when handling the other spacers and bearings.

Step #4: Clean the Spacer and the Bearings

A lot of rollerblade models have bearings that are sealed internally. This enables the bearings to operate with no grease. You don’t necessarily have to apply grease on your rollerblades for the bearings to work well. The same applies to the spacer. To facilitate clean wheel replacement, wipe down both spacer and bearings.

Step #5: Put the Bearings and Spacers Back into the Wheel

Using your thumb, put the spacer and the bearing together and put this assembly into the wheel. You need to make sure that you align these together. Apply the necessary force to make sure the alignment is just right. You may need to push against the other side to get the right fit.

Final Step: Put the New Wheel on the Wheel Base

Each wheel on the typical rollerblade model has a size indicator stamped on them. Pay attention to the size indicator and make sure you follow the same size selection. A lot of models have all the same size. In other words, they have uniform size. Others have different sizes.

Make sure you just follow the right sizes of the wheel when you’re replacing them. After doing one side, do the other side using the same steps above. Once you’ve done that, you have successfully replaced the wheels on your rollerblades.