How to Break in New Inline Skates

Rollerblades New Break InIf you’ve been rollerblading for quite some time, you know full well that getting used to new skates is part of the challenge of rollerblading. After you have used your rollerblading boots for a while, it’s actually quite difficult to get used to a new pair of boots. If for some reason or other you can no longer use your old inline skate boots, here are some tips on how to put on new inline skates.

Make no mistake about it, putting on new inline skates enables you to get used to your new boots sooner rather than later.

Loosen Them Up Completely

The first thing that you need to do is loosen up your new equipment as completely as possible before you put them on. I know it may not be inconvenient. I know you might be in a hurry but if you were to try to force your foot into this footwear, it’s going to be very tight.

This is especially true if the buckle at the top is not undone. You’re going to rush into it and it won’t be a comfortable experience. Do yourself a big favor and make sure that you loosen up the whole unit and I’m talking about the whole skates, as well as the buckle so you can quickly put your foo into the boot.

This makes all the difference in the world. You can easily slide in, or you would slide in your foot after some effort. You want to be comfortable and a lot of this is psychological. If you are impatient and you just try to push your foot in trying to force your way through, you’re setting yourself up to a possibly uncomfortable experience later on.

Position Your Heel Properly

Once you have slid your foot inside the new inline skates, try to kick the heel portion of your foot backwards. You would want to do this before you start tightening the skates. When you do this, you are actually positioning your foot so you can get a clear understanding of how well the skates fit your foot.

There is a certain pocket section in the back of the boot. This is the heel pocket. When you consciously pull or kick backwards, this puts your heel in that pocket section. If anything, this positions your foot so you see whether you have an actual accurate fit or you’re still wiggling around, or your foot is actually too tightly held by the boot.

Tighten Only When Your Heel Is in Place

After you have kicked your heel backwards, your heels should be in place, and you should still be comfortable. This is how you know that you have the right fit. The next step is to work on tightening the whole unit. The best way to do this is to start from the top and follow it all the way down. You have to work with the closure parts.

This is very important because if you begin by messing around with the top buckle, your heel will actually fit in the heel pocket. This is very important because the heel pocket secures your foot. When you’re skating, the heel pocket ensures that your whole foot is not wiggling around.

It’s crucial that you do this in the right time. You have to kick back at the right time. And unfortunately, if you work on the laces or the mid-closure parts of the boots and secure them, your foot would be bound before you pull back your heel.

Why is this a problem? You haven’t put your heel into the pocket to make sure that it is the right fit nor you have tightened the top of the boot. This makes for an awkward fit and if you’re going at a high rate of speed you are definitely going to feel that something’s off. This can get in the way of your performance.

The Importance of Breaking in Your Inline Skates

Understand that there is quite a bit of breaking in space that you have to allow for when trying to determine the size of the skates that you’re going to buy. Generally speaking, were talking about a half size or as low as a quarter of a size.

Regardless, it’s a bad idea to buy inline skates that are your exact foot size. Seriously, you need to buy a size that is larger than your actual foot size. Again, the rule of thumb is to stick with the high point of a half size larger, or a low point of a quarter size larger. As your foot gets used to the footwear, you have to make sure that your foot is positioned properly and this can take quite a while and also take up quite some space.

This is why you have to factor in the time in which you’re breaking in the boot. The skate is going to take some getting used to. Your foot is going to have to feel out the inner space and in many cases, your foot has to get used to the space inside the skate. It also works the other way around where the skate changes shape to fit your foot.

Regardless of the case, factor in the break in process and also factor in the time for breaking in the new skates. The bottom-line is pretty straightforward. It may seem fairly awkward in the beginning but as you continue to use your new skates, you get the hang of them and you get back to having a great time rollerblading.

Make sure you are comfortable. Don’t ever feel that you’re putting pressure on yourself. Don’t rush. Just make sure you are comfortable. If for some reason or other there is a pinched feeling in your skating gear, examine it. Don’t hesitate. Don’t put it off. Don’t assume that it will sort itself out. You have to be proactive. Otherwise, you might suffer. You will only have yourself to blame.