Difference Between Inline and Roller Derby Skates

Roller Derby SkatesRoller derby skates are still essentially roller skates. And by roller skates, we are of course, talking about the quad roller design. Quad roller means four wheels. Quad of course means four. These four wheels are not arranged in a straight line, unlike inline skates or rollerblades. Instead, they are arranged in two columns and two rows. They are arranged in a roughly rectangular way.

The great advantage with roller derby skates is that they are good for short distances. They are also good for short contact sports. That’s why roller derbies use quad roller skates. You can remain balanced while you’re doing roller derbies.

Of course, if you’ve ever seen roller derbies in action, you know that the main attraction is not really the speed. It’s not people just going around and around and around. It’s the action when people slam into each other, pick fights and otherwise do a little bit of wrestling on skates. That’s what make them fun. That’s where are the chills, thrills, spills and drama of roller derbies come from. Things can get quite heated specially if someone got hit or shoved earlier in the derby. Lots of grudges are on display and revenge is served piping hot as team members quickly maneuver to clock, dock, and rock members of the other team and, in the case of misplaced punches, members of their own team.

Now keep this in mind because it’s easy to think that roller derby skates necessarily are much faster than regular skates. Not necessarily. They are designed pretty much like the regular skates. We’re talking like soft leather, and then hard rubber skates at the bottom of your footwear, and you use laces. Compare this with fitness inline skates.

The big difference between fitness inline skates and regular inline skates is that fitness skates were built primarily for people looking to work out. If you’re looking to achieve a high rate of speed so you can do cardio and possibly hit speeds of over 9 miles per hour, fitness skates are designed for you.

For the most part, there’s really not much obvious difference between fitness inline skates and regular rollerblades, but when you look at the way it’s used, this produces slight differences. The big differences are the larger wheels of fitness skates. Its wheels are larger because these skates are supposed to move at a higher rate of speed for a much longer period of time than standard rollerblades.

Rollerblades are great for sprints and shorter distances and then the rest, you’re basically just strolling. You see this in parks all the time. People would skate leisurely and then at some points they would sprint, and then after that they would slow down and just glide around. That’s typical rollerblading.

With fitness skates, you’re basically more purposeful because you’re trying to reach a certain distance and you give yourself a certain rate of speed while trying to go the distance. The overall objective here, of course, is to turn it into an endurance sport. And this is where heavier wheels come in to facilitate the long distances involved.

Also, the bearings are slightly different for fitness skates. The bearings are set up to go faster for fitness skates. This works hand in hand with the larger wheels of the unit because the overall effect is to boost your speed.

Experience Level

Does it make sense to use fitness inline skates or roller derby skates after you’ve only used quad skates? Well, it’s probably easier to make the transition from quad skates to roller derby skates. After all, roller derby skates are just basically more specialized versions of typical quad skates.

The differences there are not so profound that you are in for a steep learning curve. This is not the case when you are transitioning from quad skates to fitness inline skates. Since fitness inline skates are designed for longer distances and higher rates of speed, it’s probably a good idea to break yourself in, a little bit more slowly and more smoothly. I am of course talking about using regular inline skates first.

You have to understand that when you use your quad skates, it’s fairly easy to get your balance. These are fairly stable because of the four wheels and the way they are spaced apart and the way they are arranged. When you transition to fitness inline skates immediately, you get twice the problems that you normally get when you transition to inline skates from quad skates.

You’re going from two columns and two rows of skates to a straight line of smaller wheels lined up. You go from balance to basically like ice skates. It can be quite a rough transition. You have to understand that your intimidation, fear and perception count for a lot when it comes to learning anything new.

You may be making it much harder for yourself to transition straight to fitness inline skates because you want to lose weight or you want to participate in endurance sports. It’s a good idea to get to the middle ground first.

Go with traditional inline skates. There are inline skates that have really much longer frames so you can achieve a greater stability. Some uses even thick wheels so you can gain balance faster. Whatever the case may be, you need to go through a smoother transition, otherwise, it’s going to be much harder to step into fitness inline skates.

The roller derby skates, unlike fitness inline skates, are not meant for really long distances. They’re not really meant for high rates of speed. They are intended primarily for extended periods of going around a roller rink to maximize contact.

I guess if you could define or endurance that way, then roller derby skates make a lot of sense if you just want to go around and around in a rink. Now, if you’re looking to lose weight by actually going long distances and spending a lot effort and burning more calories that way, then your best bet would be fitness inline skates.