Chicago Skates are one of the most beloved line skate companies out there, and that’s tough to do in an industry with such stiff competition. Every aspect of the market is flooded with companies both old and new that are competing for their share.

In such a competitive market it’s a wonder that any one in particular is able to stand out, let alone do it decade after decade. It may sound almost impossible, but that’s the exact story of Chicago. They have a long history of excellence that they are rightfully proud of, and it’s the reason that their many fans wear the brand proudly to this day.

The Chicago company was started back in 1905, and they made a splash with their line of high quality roller skates, which had the classic four wheel design that is still very much around today, but has been replaced in large part by the inline skates.

The Ware Brothers created the Chicago Skate company at the turn of the 20th century, and though they found success in their lifetime, even they could not have imagined that their brand would be stronger than ever well over a century after they began their ambitious campaign into the world of skates.

“Chicago’s tireless effort over the last century has continued a long and proud tradition of skating, and helped to inspire new generations.”

The brand has changed every bit as much as skates have over the last century. Though the skates may be almost unrecognizable to those that were manufactured in 1905, the commitment that Chicago has is very much the same as it ever was.

With that being said, there have been some major changes to the brand over its long a celebrated history. About 20 years ago the brand was purchased by National Sporting Goods and the brand was forever changed for the better. Thought there was still an emphasis on producing skates, being acquired by National Sporting Goods allowed Chicago rollerblades to better adapt to the realities of modern skating, and the very real demands on a company if they wished to find success going into the 21st century.

Since being acquired by National Sporting Goods, Chicago has expanded their line of products, and today they are producers of a whole wide range of products, each and every one of which is imbued with the same sense of care and tradition that has always made Chicago Sports Great.

Of course, Chicago inline skates still manufacture their much loved line of quad skates, and they remain every bit as popular as they were in 1905. In addition to their quad skates, however, the company has expanded into making inline skates, skateboards, and all types of accessories that help their fans push the limits.

Chicago’s tireless effort over the last century has continued a long and proud tradition of skating, and helped to inspire new generations to love all the things that have made skating so popular since the company’s inception over a century ago.

Even today, they continue to build their legacy by continually innovating and contributing great skates and skate products to the market.

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Chicago Blazer Jr. Adjustable Inline Skates Review

Chicago Blazer Jr. Boys Review


As we mentioned above, a lot has changed since Chicago’s inception in 1905. The world is almost unrecognizable in a few ways, and just like everybody else, the company has been forced to adapt to stay relevant over the many decades that have since passed.

Though the changes to the geography of the world, and the shift of world powers may be more significant, for skate enthusiasts the changes that have occurred to the world of skating are also incredibly compelling as well as a testament to man’s continued ingenuity.

Chicago skates are owed a thanks for their considerable contribution to the world of rollerblades, and their continual development of the inline skates as well. They may have started with a quad skate, but the rollerblades they produce today could hardly have been imagined way back in 1905.

“These are excellent skates that are perfectly suited for beginners and young kids. The fact that they’re also adjustable is the clincher for many parents.”

Perhaps there is no better skate to demonstrate the breadth of this change than the Chicago Blazer Jr. Adjustable inline rollerblades. These skates inspire the same sense of awe and wonder as the quad skate may have inspired in those unfamiliar with the technology in its heyday.


Chicago Blazer Jr. Girls Review


Probably the first thing that will strike you about these rollerblades is the fact that they have a very modern look that kids are going to love. Going fast doesn’t mean a whole lot to kids unless it also looks like you can go fast, and here the Chicago Blazer Jr. Adjustable inline skates deliver in spades.

The outer shell doesn’t only look good, however, it is also incredibly practical. The outer shell is vented, which will give your kid enough air flow to keep them comfortable for hours, even if they are skating as hard as they can possibly go.

The boot itself is semi soft, which means that it incorporates bits of plastic, but also fabric. This is great news for a few reasons. First, the harder bits provide all the support your kid will need to corner and gain speed quickly. The soft fabric is what keeps the skate comfortable while they do just that.

The boot also comes fitted with a quick release buckle, which allows your kid to exercise a little bit of independence. The trouble with some rollerblades, like those fitted with laces, is that they can be difficult to properly take on and off. This gives them the independence you both want to see at a young age.

Lastly, the skates are adjustable, so they can grow as your kid does. Each skate has a four size range, which means that they’ll fit for years to come. Better still, the skates are durable enough that you won’t have to worry about them falling apart along the way.

Final Thoughts

These are excellent skates that are perfectly suited for beginners and young kids. The materials used are of a high enough quality that you can rely on them to give great performance, and last throughout the years.

The fact that they’re also adjustable is the clincher for many parents. Forking over money for a new pair of skates every season is frustrating, but now, thanks to the Chicago Blazer Jr., it’s a frustration of the past.

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Chicago Rally Jr. Adjustable Inline Skates Reviews

Chicago Rally Jr. Boys Review


It goes almost without saying, but for kids, looks are everything. Looking cool takes up far more of their time than math or any subject at school, and even fitting in at that age can feel like a full time job. It’s no wonder that kids look for every little bit of help they can get.

While parents may want to teach their kids that they should be themselves above all else, that doesn’t mean we can’t throw them the occasional bone and get them something undeniably cool to help them out a bit around the playground. Chicago has been excelling at “cool” for well over a century, and they’ve been riding the cutting edge of inline skate technology for many decades, too.

If you’re looking for a great gift to get your kids, that they’ll love every bit as much as you, it makes sense that you’d look to Chicago to help you find that perfect gift.

“Chicago Rally Jr. skates are an incredible gift or purchase for the adventure loving kids. Adults will love them because they’re adjustable and easy to clean.”

If your kid is active, or even if you’re just hoping to get them active, inline skates are a great way to get them off the couch and out the door enjoying all the things that life has to offer. More specifically, the Chicago Rally Jr. Adjustable inline rollerblades are the perfect tool for getting them active, and make them the source of envy for every kid on the block that wants a pair of inline skates.


Chicago Rally Jr. Boys Review


The first thing you’ll notice about the Chicago Rally Jr. inline skates is that fact that they have a great classic look that’s tough not to love for adults and kids alike. It’s got an almost baseball sneaker like aesthetic to it, which is hugely popular and is sure to make your kid impressed by the fact that you are current with trends for once.

The skate doesn’t just look cool, either. It’s built for performance and that’s important because it’s not all about the moment you take it out of the box, it’s about the first time you hit the pavement and get moving.

It’s no accident that the Chicago Rally Jr. Adjustable inline rolleblades can move. They’re designed with that very idea in mind, and it shows in the final product. It uses 70mm wheels, which are great for kids and allows them to make tight turns and corner in ways that adults could never dream of.

The bearings are rated 3 on the ABEC scale which means they are every bit as much made for performance as the wheels are.

Best of all, the Chicago Rally Jr. are adjustable so they’ll fit season after season. The classic look also promises to stay in style season after season as well, so there’s no reason not to pick up your pair of Chicago Rally Jr. inline skates today.

Final Thoughts

The Chicago Rally Jr. Boys Adjustable inline skates are an incredible gift or purchase for the adventure loving kid in your life. better still, adults will love them because they’re adjustable, easy to clean, and are sure to plaster a smile on your kids face that will stay in place for weeks.

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