Basketball on Rollerblades

Rollerblades BasketballThere are many sports people can play on rollerblades. One of the most common, of course, is hockey. This is very natural for a lot of people, especially people who have been skating on rollerblades for a long time.

As you probably can already tell, this is just a natural progression of rollerblades. Why? Just as hockey is a natural progression of ice skating, so is street hockey with rollerblades. It’s the same type of evolution. You go from skating around on the ice to push around a puck and trying to score a goal. The same applies with rollerblades. You go from rolling around on rollerblades pushing a ball with a puck and trying to score a goal. Pretty straightforward. Not really a leap in terms of imagination and adaptation.

The next level of progression as far as rollerblades sports go is rollerblades soccer. Again, the object of the sport is a ball that the participants push around. The same dynamic plays out in regular football. The key is to score on the other side or the opposing team’s goal. There is of course a person that is blocking the goal and would try to deflect or catch balls shots at the goal. Again, the adaptation is pretty straightforward. It’s not exactly rocket science. You can still see the same elements there.

Ease of Adaptation

What rollerblade soccer and street hockey have in common is that they are basically fairly easy sports as far as rollerblades go. You take a ball and you just either slap it around with a hockey stick or you kick it around with your skates. It’s all pretty straightforward that the motion doesn’t really require much of a disruption. You’re not really pushed to your limits as far as doing something new because the ball’s forward motion smoothly matches the forward motion of the rollerblades

The Challenge of Basketball

Basketball, in theory, is a good idea to apply to rollerblades. In theory, the same velocity and the same group play and interaction in a fast moving game is present when you combine basketball and rollerblades. Basketball, after all, is a team sport. It requires a tremendous amount of speed and forward motion and coordination.

It’s not much different at least on paper from roller soccer or roller hockey but unfortunately, there are a lot of things that look great on paper. There are a lot of ideas that look great when we write it down but when we actually try to implement them, things aren’t as simple.

While it’s easy to see the interaction and the coordination of basketball played on a hard court, when you put on rollerblades and try to play basketball, it’s not as quick, easy, and manageable as it can be. This is why a lot of people who try basketball on rollerblades have a tough time adjusting.

Now, this doesn’t mean that they can’t adjust at all. This doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t play basketball on rollerblades. What this means is that it takes quite a bit of getting used to. It’s not like a simple adaptation like street hockey or street soccer.

It’s important to really pay attention to the most important action involved in basketball. No, it’s not shooting the ball. In that respect, rollerblade basketball is the same as soccer. Soccer is all about shooting the ball or kicking the ball towards the goal. That’s not the issue.

The issue is dribbling. This is the big challenge because you have to be able to skate while dribbling. Now, this is quite a departure from running and dribbling. Also, this is quite a departure from playing street hockey because if you can skate and push around a stick and hit a puck, it’s pretty much not very different when you are playing street hockey pushing round a ball with a hockey stick.

Making the transition from walking and running to inline skating and then dribbling is quite a bit of a challenge. On top of all this, you also have to learn how to shoot the ball into the rim. Also, you have to learn how to pass to your team mates.

This dynamic takes quite a bit of getting used to but believe me, after you have gotten over the shock of conversion or converting your typical basketball moves to moves you make while wearing rollerblades, this can be very, very addicting.

Team Sizes

Basketball with rollerblades can be played like basketball at any public park. You can do a one on one game. Meaning you and another person basically just trying to shoot to the rim and dribble around each other. You can have two and two with two team members cooperating and trying to shoot baskets.

The number of people that can play is eight so the team is a four on four. The same rules apply. You can steal, you can knock the ball, you can block. The only thing that’s different is that you are wearing rollerblades.

The great thing about wearing rollerblades, however, that marks a very big difference from basketball is you can reach a much higher speed than when you’re running. Because you have wheels on your feet, you have that added element of speed that can take the excitement of regular basketball to the next level.

You just need to practice quite a bit because the coordination factor here is a little bit more difficult because you are wearing rollerblades. Once you get over that, then it’s a whole lot of fun. Pretty much the same rules apply. We’re talking about fouls, fouls shots, blocking contact, and traveling. it’s really basketball on wheels.

You just need to master the art of skating and dribbling and shooting. The good news is given how fun this game is, the learning curve can actually be quite short especially if you’re already a big fan of basketball.