The 5th Element brand inline skates have earned a reputation for quality that is very well deserved. All 5th Element products are made with quality materials and have superb lifespan that guarantees you’re making a worthwhile investment. These rollerblades are excellent for everybody from beginners to intermediate skaters.

The 5th Element brand began with skis and snow sport apparel. In fact, the 5th element in their name is, in fact, snow, but anyone in skiing industry associates the 5th Element name with performance. Whether that performance is speed, agility, maneuverability, or endurance, this brand has a product suited for your needs. 5th Element’s venture into rollerblades is a new direction that’s being executed with their usual high standards.

“All 5th Element skates are fully customizable and made to last for both adults and children. Rest assured, whatever your level of enthusiasm, the 5th Element brand has something for you.”

Their success in inline skating comes as no surprise when considering that their success at the arctic end of the sporting industry can in part be attributed to an intuitive knowledge of plastics and lightweight materials. Lightweight materials are every bit as important on urban streets and parks as they are on a mountain top. The tougher and lighter, the better to survive performance demands without sacrificing endurance. Most impressive of all, 5th Element accomplishes all this while managing to create stunning designs and keeping the costs low.

Does that sound like something you’re looking for? If you are a new skater and just breaking into the market, or even if you’re looking for something to rock at your job with the drive in diner, then this is the brand name for you. All 5th Element skates are fully customizable and made to last for both adults and children. Rest assured, whatever your level of enthusiasm, the 5th Element brand has something for you.

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5th Element Lynx LX Women’s Inline Skates Review

5th Element Lynx LX Review


The Fifth Element Lynx LX Women’s Inline Skates are a fashionable and quality roller blades for women. They are available in any size, but be advised that the skates typically run a half size bigger than the shoe size.

The frame is an aluminum chassis that guarantees adequate power distribution. They’re lightweight, so that newbies don’t wear themselves out when learning the ropes. The closure system utilizes both laces and straps, and the two means of securing your foot provides all the support and comfort a beginner would ever need. The aluminum will also allow an intermediate skater a degree of leeway when trying their hand at more aggressive inline action.

Lynx LX Skates are available in black and violet. No matter which color you choose the design has a sleek and rounded profile. The material is a glossy composite plastic that holds up well under any conditions. They even provide water resistance in case you need to escape the rain.

“The Lynx came out this year, and it’s the latest thing out there and it’s making a splash.”

A few important details about these particular skates are worth mentioning. The maximum wheel size is 80 mm, for starters, which is perfect for speed and maneuverability. The skate is designed for beginner to intermediate level skaters, and the soft boot offers excellent ankle support perfectly suited for that purpose. These blades come with a single heel brake to avoid confusion or accidents.

Taken together, the Fifth Element Lynx LX Women’s rollerblades are a great buy. The Lynx came out this year, and it’s the latest thing out there and it’s making a splash. These black and violets are stylish and very well made, so pick your pair up today with the confidence that comes with knowing you’ve got yourself quality built to last.


Starter Skates

It can be tough finding a great pair of starter skates on a budget. These skates provide great value and are perfect for those breaking into inline skating.



Experts looking for a pair of skates to push to the limits may be better served looking for a skate designed for high performance.

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5th Element Panther XT Inline Skates Review

5th Element Panther XT Review


The Fifth Element Panther XT rollerblades are a line of skates for both men or women. Sporting a soft boot and an aluminum chassis, these skates are lightweight and great for beginner to intermediate level skaters. These skates tend to match up with the actual shoe sizes, which makes shopping a breeze.

Some important details you should familiarize yourself with before shopping: these blades have a maximum wheel size of 80 mm. The skates also not only lace up but have a Velcro strap and buckle for maximum security and support. These skates feature a single brake at the heel, which you’ll need because the design allows for aggressive, fast paced skating.

The Panther XTs are available in black and grey. Their boot is made of a composite plastic that is durable and also happens to catch the eye. Your feet will be protected from the elements while supporting your ankles. That being said, the soft boot for these resembles a pair of high top sneakers, and they are just as comfortable to slip on.

“Panther XT are perfect for any man or woman ranging from beginner to intermediate.”

The Panthers are beginner speed skates. You should be wary of the 190 pound weight limit before purchasing, but weight aside they’re perfect for any man or woman ranging from beginner to intermediate.



The Panther XTs is perhaps the best looking skate currently in production by 5th Element. It allows you to perform at the highest level, and best of all you’ll look good doing it!


Weight limit

There is weight limit of 190lbs. Any individual over 190lbs should look into any one of the number of inline skates graded for skaters above 190lbs.

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5th Element G2-100 Adjustable Girls Inline Skates Review

5th Element G2-100 Review


The 5th Element G2-100 Girls Inline Skates are great for the girl who’s getting into inline skating for the first time, and it isn’t a bad choice for the more experienced intermediate rider, either. Like the other 5th Element models, it features an aluminum chassis and a comfortable soft boot. It’s worth noting that these can be adjusted up to four sizes, which is a game changer. As the foot grows, the G2-100 grows too, thus mitigating the need to purchase entirely new blades every season.

These skates, being for girls and not adults, have smaller wheels than the other lines. The inline wheels are 72mm. For maximum support and security, they have a buckle, Velcro strap, and laces. The closure system provides incredible support and it’s worth noting that buckle has a pinch release, so you must pinch the sides to operate the catch. A young child might need help when initially using the buckle.

These skates come in beautiful pink and white. The composite plastic of the soft boots holds up very well under any conditions, and the 5th Element G2-100 breathes fairly well.

“These skates are sleek, so if you are buying them for your daughter you can be sure it will be love at first sight.”

Like the aforementioned lines, the G2-100 is a brand new model. These pink and white in lines are pocket friendly and well made to get your girl out on the sidewalk in spring and summer. These skates are sleek, so if you are buying them for your daughter you can be sure it will be love at first sight.



The 5th Element G2-100 Adjustable Girls rollerblades uses a softer boot design that’s incredibly comfortable. The soft boot breathes, and that’s very important for young skaters that may be frustrated by the discomfort of hard boot designs.


Closure System

The closure system is very secure but may be complicated for young children. Kids should have a parent near to insure that the boots are properly secured and can be removed as needed.

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5th Element ST-80 Urban Inline Skates Review

5th Element ST-80 Review


The Fifth Element ST-80 Urban rollerblades have a fairly advanced design. They feature an aluminum chassis, and a soft boot. Unlike most 5th Element models, these particular skates are recommended for intermediate or advanced skaters.

The 5th Element ST-80 can be used by both men and women and it’s important to note that they do not come equipped with brakes.

The wheels have a maximum size of 80mm. The closure system incorporates a Velcro strap and laces as the other models in the 5th Element line, but they also have a strap for additional support.

The ST-80 came out last year, and are still one of the most respected inline skates on the market. It’s not all about performance either. The grey and black design provides great visual appeal. The composite plastic holds well against weathering, so your skates will look good for years to come, as well.

“In terms of high performance, the ST-80 Urban Inline skates can’t be beat.”

One important potential drawback is the relatively low amount of ventilation the boot provides. For some this will mean you may need to take periodical breaks, but it also means you can skate in any reasonable conditions.

These rollerblades are rockered, and you may be asking yourself what exactly that means. It’s a term for any skate in which the middle two wheels are slightly lower to the ground than the other two wheels. This design minimizes travel resistance and increase maneuverability, which is great for trick skaters and enthusiasts who get around a lot.

Rockered skates may not be ideal for speed skater, however. It also makes the ST-80 Urban skates less than ideal for beginners. It’s recommended that you learn inline skating with smaller wheels in the front to aid with toe pushing.



In terms of high performance, the 5th Element ST-80 Urban Inline Skates can’t be beat. They strike a perfect balance between speed, maneuverability, and even manage to deliver it all with comfort.



The rockered design of the wheels is for advanced and intermediates only. Beginners would find the design unnecessarily complicated, so if you’re new to inline skating it’s recommended you check out one of the other 5th Element models.

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5th Element B2-100 Adjustable Kids Inline Skates Review

5th Element B2-100 Review


The Fifth Element B2-100 Adjustable Kids rollerblades are a great model for any young individual learning to skate. Unlike other models, B2-100 skates feature a plastic chassis and a soft boots for light weight and maximum comfort. The skate is adjustable up to four different sizes, so it effectively grows with your kid. And no, unfortunately 5th Element doesn’t make adjustable clothing for kids.

These particular blades are geared towards beginners and as such they include a rear heel brake. The closure system has a three pronged approach to securing your foot. It uses a strap, buckle and lace to ensure support and security.

The wheel size is 74 mm, which makes them a great choice for the rink. These particular skates come in green, white, and black with a bit of grey, all of which are sure to wow your kid, and make the 5th Element B2-100 a great gift.

A downside to this model is the plastic frame. With this, the youngster won’t be able to get into aggressive inline very much for fear of wrecking the frame. Aside from this minor detail, it’s very good for the beginner skaters and it is plenty durable.

“The B2-100 skates are incredibly forgiving in terms of stability, and that makes them perfect for any kid learning how to skate.”



The 5th Element B2-100 Adjustable Kids Inline Skates are incredibly forgiving in terms of stability, and that makes them perfect for any kid first hitting the streets to learn how to skate.


Plastic Frame

The plastic frame of B2-100 is great for providing a lightweight rollerblades, but it’s not suited for advanced skating. If your kid is an inline skating prodigy, it’s recommended you look elsewhere.

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5th Element roller blades are a quality brand for any skill category. Most of their brands are ideal for both beginner and intermediate skaters, and nearly all feature a rear brake.

The combination of lace up, Velcro strap, and buckle in their closure systems makes their skates unmatched in terms of ankle support.

5th Element is also unparalleled in terms of service. All their models are also fully customizable. For example, boots can be exchanged saving you the trouble of replacing a whole skate. Wheels can also be traded, which is great news if you’re looking to keep your skates in brand new condition year after year.

5th Element rollerblades offer the best bang for your buck. Considering that this brand is new to the market, an investment today in 5th Element skates is an investment in the future of inline skating. Don’t hesitate to test drive the future of the industry, and get your pair today.


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