10 Reasons to Inline Skate

10 Reasons Inline SkatingIf you are looking for 10 reasons why you should strap on some inline skates and skate around in an indoor or outdoor area, here are 10 of them. Now, keep in mind that everybody is different. Everybody has varied experiences. Everybody has different expectations. Some of these reasons might make more sense to you. Others might be completely irrelevant. Still, keep an open mind so you can skate.

If you are still on the fence regarding buying skating equipment, one, some or all of these reasons might finally help you pull the trigger and make that all important purchase. Here are just 10 reasons to inline skate. I hope that clearly this is, by all means, not the comprehensive list. This is not some unified list of all the potential best reasons why you should your hand at inline skating or why you should buy inline skates. Still, these are some of the most common reasons people give.

Social Benefits

When you are rollerblading out in the open, you cannot help but meet new people. The best part to all of this is they are also rollerblading. At the very least, you have something you both have in common to talk about. Whether you are looking to expand your network of friends or you are looking for members of the opposite sex to date, rollerblading is a great way to come out of your social shell and connect with people with the same hobbies. In many cases, you have other interests in common because certain types of people generally have particular clusters of interests, and these interests are often correlated so when people like to rollerblade, these frequently involve other interests that you can connect on.

Mental Recharge

There is a strong connection between physical activity and mental activity. If you are feeling burned or feeling stuck or otherwise exhausted, you might only need to strap on inline skates and experience the great outdoors to get your emotional and psychological as well as intellectual batteries recharged. By simply taking time by yourself to navigate a nice path, you might be able to collect your thoughts and energies so you are able to feel better about yourself or about your situation.

You Get Cross-Training Benefits

The great thing about inline skating is that it is low-impact physical activity that actually still burns calories. This means that it can be an excellent cross-training opportunity. For example, you can hit the gym and do formal workout there and hit your daily quota of calorie burn. Sounds good so far, right? Well, you can actually increase the total amount of calories you burn every given day by adding on inline skating. The best part to all of this is that it does not consciously feel like you are slapping on a new physical activity. It is not obvious to you at a mental and emotional level that you added exercise to your daily routine. Do you see how this works? Hence, if you are looking for low-impact cross training that is not so obvious, inline skating is the way to go.

Saves Money on Getting Around

Another reason why you may want to do rollerblading or inline skating in your area or district is that it is a free way to get around. Make no mistake about it, even if you live in an area with great public transportation, you still have to pay for that public transportation. Sure, there is a tremendous amount of government subsidies for commendable public transportation, but you are still out of pocket for some of that cost. Assuming that you have a nice, safe path from where you are to your place of work or the closest park or library, getting around in your city using inline skates is a tremendously good idea. You save money; you work out; you enjoy the great outdoors; you relax your mind; you win all around. What is not to love?

Physical Workout

Generally speaking, inline skating is classified under endurance training. In other words, if you cover a huge area by roller skating, this can count as endurance training. The way you lose weight is through cardiovascular activity. You put a lot of stress and strain on your leg muscles, which burn up calories. This workout can lead to great physical benefits.

Not only is your hand-eye coordination enhanced, you burn calories; you build muscle; your overall blood circulation improves. In addition, you pump more oxygen into your body. The best part to all of this, you do it in a low-impact way. Seriously. It is not like you are consciously doing something that really takes a lot out of you. It is not like you are scaling a mountain or lifting hundreds of pounds. It is low impact, and it is also a lot of fun.

Thrill Seeking

Now, if you are looking to a little more excitement in your daily routine, you only need to do inline skating or rollerblading on a small hill or even a minor incline. You would be surprised as to the speed you can reach with seemingly insignificant inclines. On the surface, it might seem that there is not much going on with the terrain you are facing, but it turns out that if you are skating, you actually reached a very fast speed and this can, of course, help you get your thrills. It can be very thrilling. It can also be very downright scary if you pick the wrong curves.


Another great reason why people why choose inline skating is because it is a very flexible activity. As long as you are familiar with the area where you are going to be skating, you can pretty much skate anywhere. You can skate on the street. You can skate on the sidewalk. You can skate at specialized rinks. As long as there is a flat, hard paved surface regardless of incline, you can pretty much skate.

Additionally, there is a lot of variety too because flat surfaces come with different levels of steepness. For example, in your city, there might be areas and districts that are very flat, and then this can yield places that are slightly uphill. It is a lot of fun, and the great thing about skating is that unlike swimming, there is no specialized area where you can do it. There is no specialized area required. With swimming, you have to go to a public pool or your backyard pool. Pools, last time I checked, cost quite a bit of money to build. Not so with inline skates. As long as there is a flat hard concrete or asphalt surface, you are good to go

Time for Yourself

Another great benefit is you get time for yourself. There is such a thing as active mindfulness, meaning you just focus on your thoughts, and you then become at peace with what you are doing. You focus on the moment. This can be a form of wakeful or waking meditation, and it can lead to less stress overall.

Taking a little time for yourself can go a long way in relieving your inner stress as well as achieving some level of inner peace. Never underestimate the power of solitude. By being alone and spending some time away from sources of stress, you can go a long way in making yourself a happier and calmer person.


Make no mistake about it, outside of the cost you pay for your inline skates, this hobby is inexpensive. Seriously. You get a great workout. You get to enjoy the outdoors; you hang out with people with the same interests; you spend time with yourself and get some inner peace and relaxation; you relieve stress. You get all these benefits for the grand total of basically zero. Again, we are talking about the price outside the cost of the skates themselves. You cannot beat that with a baseball bat. Seriously.

Great Family Activity

What is an awesome way to spend some family time? Strap inline skates on everybody and have a great time. Even if your kids are very young and I am talking about 9 moths or older, you can put them on a stroller, and you can skate while strolling. There is nothing more fun than mom, dad and the kids out having a great time rollerskating.